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How to ensure the installation quality of mechanical seals

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Firstly, it is important to understand what mechanical seals are. In fact, they are a type of oil seal device for rotating machinery. They prevent fluid leakage by maintaining contact and relative sliding between one or more pairs of end faces perpendicular to the rotating axis under the action of fluid pressure, compensation mechanism elasticity (or magnetic force), and auxiliary sealing. Therefore, the installation quality requirements are very high, so what can we do to ensure the excellent installation quality of mechanical seals

Precautions for installing mechanical seals:

1. The radial runout of the equipment shaft should be ≤ 0.04 millimeters, and the axial displacement should not exceed 0.1 millimeters;

2. The sealing part of the equipment should be kept clean during installation, and the sealing parts should be cleaned. The sealing end face should be intact to prevent impurities and dust from entering the sealing part;

3. During the installation process, it is strictly prohibited to touch or knock to avoid damaging the mechanical seal friction pair and causing seal failure;

4. During installation, a layer of clean mechanical oil should be applied to the surface in contact with the seal to facilitate smooth installation;

5. When installing the static ring gland, the screws must be tightened evenly to ensure the vertical requirement between the static ring end face and the axis line;

6. After installation, push the moving ring by hand to make it move flexibly on the shaft and have a certain degree of elasticity;

7. After installation, manually rotate the rotating shaft and ensure that there is no feeling of weight;

8. The equipment must be filled with medium before operation to prevent seal failure due to dry friction.

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