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Sealdo Technologies Corporation

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SEALDO TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION is a sealing supplier in designing, manufacturing, sales and service. We are specialist to keep power for our customers by supplying our seals products which is guarantee to excellent performance and long-term stable operation, and even more the green mark for the customers’ products. 

Our mission is focusing on the challenge and pressure which the customer is facing, supplying the right sealing solution and creating max value to our customers, improving their product advantages

Our Main Products include: Oil Seals, Rubber shaped parts, O-rings, Fabricated V-Seal, and PTFE Flexi seal etc. We can design customized parts per the customer's request. Our seals products have been widely used in home appliance, hydraulic, mobile equipment and automobile industry, etc. Our seals products have been exporting to Europe and North America.

SEALDO TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION is a sealing technical experts, we are good at supplying sealing solution and customized sealing parts to our customers in order to maintain long-term reliable and economic operation for customers’ power unit. We would investigate the operation system and structure of our customers’products together with their technical team in the very beginning of our cooperation, by optimizing the design to solve the customer existing and potential problems , improve customer product and equipment performance and reliability, and to bring long-term cost reduction for our customers

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