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What are the steps for replacing car oil seals?

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Automotive oil seals are used to seal the engine crankshaft and camshaft of small cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles, as well as transmission systems such as gearboxes, hubs, axle shafts, and differentials. What are the steps for replacing automotive oil seals?



Replacement of automotive oil seals:

When disassembling the installation part of the oil seal, always replace it with a new one;

2. When removing the oil seal, please do not damage the inner surface of the cavity hole;

3. When replacing with a new oil seal, leave a gap of about 2mm in the cavity hole. When the lip end of the new oil seal contacts the shaft, the contact part of the old oil seal should be removed.

Installation method for automotive oil seals:

Firstly, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil or mineral oil to the surface and chamfers of the shaft. When inserting the shaft into the oil seal or during insertion, it is necessary to prevent the lip from tilting;

2. Please carefully insert the shaft into the oil seal, keeping the center of the oil seal concentric with the center of the shaft;

3. When installing the shaft into the heavy cavity or inserting the long shaft into the mechanically assembled cavity during the installation of the oil seal, some of the lip ends may be damaged due to force. Therefore, please assemble the shaft and cavity before assembling the oil seal. When it is not possible to install the oil seal after installation, please consider setting up a guide device for the cavity and shaft.

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