High pressure oil seal

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High pressure oil seal

High pressure oil seal

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Oil seal characteristics

1. Structural type I has a small lip pressure area and can maintain its rigidity, suitable for use under small diameter and medium pressure.

2. Structural type II has small lip deformation under pressure, and the skeleton is designed for overall pressure resistance, suitable for use under large diameters and high pressures.

3. The lip of structural type III adopts an optimized structural design, and the slanted lip design allows the oil seal to adapt to a relatively high PV value: under a pressure of 200 kilograms, the rotational speed is required to be above 0.75 meters/second.

Advantages of oil seals

1. The rubber joint has good static pressure

2. Reliable and optimized pressure bearing design

3. Can withstand high temperatures (based on rubber material)

4. The lip of the oil return line design has better sealing performance


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