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Cassette Oil seal

Cassette Oil seal

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Product Introduction

Cassette Oil seal are developed to meet the needs of long service life, high functional reliability, environmental protection, simple handling, and low price of seals. Cassette Oil seal are a complete system that integrates multiple seals, serving as oil seals, wear sleeves, and dust protection within a unit, eliminating the need for additional components such as shaft sleeves or dust protection. This design has made significant improvements in its ability to isolate water, dirt, and dust for extended periods of time. It has a higher ability to withstand eccentricity, high pressure, and misalignment than radial seals.

Product Features

Design: Patent Design

Outer edge of oil seal: metal framework

The sealing lip is equipped with a spring

Equipped with dust lip

High resistance to pollutant invasion

Solved the problem of secure assembly

Product Advantages

1. Can extend the maintenance cycle of components

2. The surface of the sealing shaft does not need to be hardened or ground

3. When the old method cannot solve it, a Cassette Oil seal can generally be used to solve it, and there is no need to change the cavity

When maintaining or replacing oil seals, the shaft surface does not need to be machined again


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