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Installation and usage of high-speed oil seals

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High speed oil seal is an indispensable non-metallic accessory in transmission components.Sealdo Technologies Corporation shares its installation and use with everyone, so that customers in need can have a further understanding.


Due to the presence of an oil film controlled by the oil seal blade between the oil seal and the shaft, this oil film has fluid lubrication characteristics. Under the action of liquid surface tension, the stiffness of the oil film precisely forms a crescent surface at the contact end between the oil film and air, preventing the leakage of the working medium and achieving the sealing of the rotating shaft. The sealing ability of oil seals depends on the thickness of the oil film on the sealing surface. Excessive thickness, oil seal leakage; If the thickness is too small, dry friction may occur, causing wear on the oil seal and shaft; There is no oil film between the sealing lip and the shaft, which can easily cause heating and wear. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to apply some oil to the sealing ring while ensuring that the skeleton oil seal is perpendicular to the shaft centerline. If it is not perpendicular, the sealing lip of the oil seal will drain the lubricating oil from the shaft and cause excessive wear of the sealing lip. During operation, the lubricant inside the casing slightly seeps out to achieve an ideal state of forming an oil film at the sealing surface.

The use of high-speed oil seals should also pay attention to several points:

Some devices are used in harsh environments, such as extreme cold. In this case, the oil seal chosen should be made of a material that is relatively cold resistant; Or it can be used outdoors, exposed to sunlight and rain. Generally, rubber is prone to aging in such situations. Do you choose the material or frequently replace the oil seal? These issues need to be considered when using high-speed oil seals.

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